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While I am becoming more improvisational in my cooking, I still like to use recipes as a starting point (at the very least).  As I read and acquire more cookbooks and magazines and find more food blogs I enjoy, it becomes more difficult to remember which recipe comes from where.

Enter EatYourBooks.com where thousands of books and a growing number of magazines and blogs are indexed (titles, authors, publications and lists of ingredients).  I can even add entries for personal recipes.

I especially appreciate the magazine indexing feature with the option to automatically add future issues of a subscription to my bookshelf.

Once I track down a recipe, I can bookmark it for future quick access, adding categories as I feel inclined.

The site is easy to use, and while there are options to add ratings and comments, there doesn’t seem to be the usual emphasis on social networking, which I appreciate.

I look forward to making more efficient use of my growing recipe collection.

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