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It’s getting late, and it is a work night, so I need to get to sleep, but I am going to sneak in a quick post and hope that I can stay on track because even though I am going to post about what I was planning to post about, there are other things running around in my head which are trying to take over the post (and are apparently encouraging me to try out a Marcel Proust imitation).

In the book Sourdough by Robin Sloan, the great, unsolvable problem at the robotics company which employs the heroine Lois is the “egg problem” — teaching a robotic arm to properly crack an egg into a bowl.


When Lois decides to scale up her bread making enterprise, she enlists the help of a robotic arm, and there is a wonderful chaotic scene in which the arm recreates her own initial breadmaking attempts with great accuracy. The flour sprays everywhere. Dough ends up on the counter, the floor, the cabinets as she tries to configure proper, effective stirring technique. Ultimately she tackles the egg problem, and, as so many great discoveries are, the solution is an example of less being more.

Today I learned that some fine folks in the field of robotics are teaching (read: programming) robots to make pizza dough!

To really get the whole picture, I think you need to read the book and the article, but the article is shorter, so maybe start there.

And I need to stop here. Otherwise I will be up much later writing much longer about robots and technology which will somehow segue into electricity and waste, and then I will make an abrupt leap into being inspired by an artist talking about process which led me to think that there were lessons in there about story building which could be used for Camp NaNoWriMo, which officially kicks off in about 25 minutes.

Posts could be interesting for the next few days. Or maybe just rambling. Time will tell.

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