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One of the suggestions (nominations?) I received for female mad scientist was the inimitable and indomitable Edna Mode.

My first instinct was to defend Edna. She is NOT a mad scientist … except that she totally is.  I was thinking her as more of an eccentric, but she has powers of her own.  She is trusted by the supers.  She knows who they all are.  She knows what their powers are and how they work, and she designs their suits accordingly.

Thankfully for all involved, she uses her powers for good rather than evil.

My favorite Edna moment:

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As I spend Camp NaNoWriMo brainstorming writing and story ideas, I am still thinking about cooking and baking robots, so I started doing a little research.

Nautilus magazine has become one of my favorite science resources. The description on the website says, “Our stories take you into the depths of science and spotlight its ripples in our lives and cultures.”

There have been several articles about robots recently, so I have added them to my reading list.

Somehow my brain segued into the idea of writing a story with a female mad scientist — brilliant STEM ladies using their powers for, well, not necessarily evil, but definitely not for selfless good — and I tried to come up with ideas for reference. I came up empty other than possibly Harley Quinn, but somehow mad psychiatrist wasn’t working for me. I remembered correctly that Poison Ivy is a scientist who is labeled as an eco-terrorist. Possible. Possible. Closer to what I had in mind at any rate.

I posed the question to my small social media circle and was rewarded with a list of possibilities. Several were from video games and anime, so they will expand my horizons. The most perfect example I got was Screenslaver from Incredibles 2. She is so perfect that she borders on cliche. There is also a character from my current favorite book who qualifies.

Now that I have a starting point, I know a little better what I am looking for as I sift through books I have read and movies I have watched.

Then I can start writing my own.


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