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This whole trying to create and stick to some sort of routine or structure thing is a challenge to be sure. I have managed to stick to the “go for a walk first thing in the morning” plan every morning since I started. Some days are more difficult than others, and one day I was up before the sun and almost got distracted into other things at the beginning of the day. The key continues to be to not think about it too much. Just pull on some clothes and walk out the door.

While I haven’t done a lot of actual writing\novel preparation for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) next month, I am keeping up with the daily prompts for October over on Instagram with the hashtag #InstaWrimo. There is going to be writing in November. Somehow I am going to make it happen this year.

Yesterday I made the choice toward more knitting and less writing. By the time I got to a stopping point on the current Socktober socks, I only had time to either write this post or start the sweaters I want to make in October. I went with the less screen time option and started the sweaters. They don’t look like much yet, but they are started.

Returning to Socktober, Day 6 was the first really solid color of the bunch. Cereberus is a matte charcoal gray, almost black which made my fingers look as if I have been playing with charcoal. The picture implies hints of blue in there as well. It might be the color, and it might be my photography.

I proceeded with my plan to knit the heel, but once I was finished, I decided that I was cutting it closer than I would like to continue past the heel and stripe into the next color. Plus, with a truly solid color, the sock looked a little dull.

I pulled out the heel, knit the other sock to the same point, and waited to see what Day 7 would bring. Day 7 brought the delightfully purple Circe.

Purple and black are always a good combination, so the socks now have purple heels, which allowed for five more rows in Cerberus after the heel and before the next stripes.

The next decision was whether to stripe into the purple and finish it off or wait and see what possibilities Day 8 might offer. Since a significant percentage of the Circe color had been used for the heels, the color block would be a little more than half the size of the previous two blocks. If I finished the sock with the purple, then it would have worked because the block leading to and including the cuff would more or less match the toe, but I want these socks to be longer than the first pair, so I am going to use Day 8 for the next color block and finish with purple cuffs.

I am going to make Friday’s challenge to actually finish the current pair of socks, including weaving in ends and washing, and do the same for the first pair. That means starting new socks on Saturday. I think that the next pair needs a stitch pattern — possibly the ribbing that I forgot to do on this pair or maybe striped, broken seed stitch, alternating colors on each row. Hmmmm ….

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This post really should come after a post about how I had the discipline to knit an entire sweater in eight days mostly because I stopped dithering about whether to start and when to start and which pattern to make and just sat down and knit the thing. Between that accomplishment and going for a walk first thing in the morning every morning for the past 19 days in a row, I am feeling downright disciplined. On the other hand, I was thinking that this post would be done sometime this afternoon, and it is almost 6:30 p.m., but I am not going to dwell on that fact. The point is that I haven’t called it a day yet because I can meet this goal, too, and add a few more. Bring on the plans!!

Right. So. Socktober. I mentioned my Socktober plan in a previous post, and today I got started.

A box of 31 individually bagged mini skeins of yarn and a shiny new set of needles.

If you aren’t a knitter, or even not a sock knitter, you might wonder what sort of craziness is afoot. (Ha!) Lots of knitters in the northern hemisphere get very excited about the transition from summer to autumn. The temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier, and the trees start shedding their leaves. You call it autumn. We call it knitting season — time to get out those hand knit sweaters and hats and gloves and mittens and … SOCKS.

Sock knitters can be something of a special breed. They are passionate about needle choices and knitting styles and yarn weight and fiber content and the best way to knit heels, toes, and gussets. Ankle socks or knee highs? Striping, cabled, lace, fair isle? Toe-up or top down? Magic loop, small circulars, or DPNs? And so on. Myself, I am a toe-up, magic loop, one at a time, Fish Lips Kiss Heel sock knitter, and if I am using sock\fingering weight yarn, I use two strands together to make thicker yarn.

I opened the silver satin bag labeled October 1 and extracted a small skein of yarn in a color named Hades. Given that the color integrates black with shades of turquoise and gray, I suspect that the inspiration is the depiction of the god Hades (entertainingly voiced by James Woods) in the animated Disney movie Hercules. Whatever the case, it’s a good start to the adventure.

I didn’t get quite as much practice and prep work done as I had hoped, so I am improvising as I go. The yarn in the box adds up to a bit more than six full skeins of yarn, which means at least six pairs of socks and quite possibly seven or eight. There is no need to make each pair the same way, although if I find a groove I like, I might stick with it.

Some aspects will be the same. They will all be worked upward from the toe. I will start with 16 stitches and increase to 48. I love the moment when the toe starts to take shape. It makes me happy every time.

Beginning of the first toe (photobombed by the cable of the knitting needle)

From there I can stripe or color block. I might get crazy with some color work or slipped stitches, but I doubt it. There will likely be stitch patterns at some point. The beauty of having 48 stitches is that 48 is divisible by so many numbers that lots of patterns will work.

This first pair will be simple, starting out with the toe worked in the first color. Tomorrow I will add the second color and work, probably, three-row stripes of each. When the first color runs out, I will add the third color, and so on. There is the question of the heel. The type of heel I use really needs to be worked in the same yarn. Is that the fourth color, which could then be used as the cuff, too, or the toes on the next sock? I’m taking a “choose your own adventure” approach and will decide when I get there (and depending on how many stripes I get out of the first color.

In the meantime, I have two sock toes.

Tune in tomorrow …

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