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Poor Legos. They have been weaponized. When did that happen?

It is a common curse I have seen on social media — something along the lines of wishing someone a Lego block under every barefoot step.

I read a blog post about exercise, and the author had taken up running but didn’t much care for it. He thought that he should have pursued something easier and more pleasant, such as walking on hot coals or jumping up and down on Lego blocks.

The Smithsonian magazine even published a big article about why stepping on Legos is more painful that walking on hot coals or ice.

My version has long been the little green army men, ever since I saw a friend’s mother step on one, and I felt powerful to stop it even as I watched it happen. It was one of those slow motion moments.

Maybe little green army men aren’t as painful because the plastic isn’t as strong? I would think that they would have a higher chance of becoming embedded, which would be extremely painful. Then again, it might be splitting hairs at that point.

It has been a mostly sleepless couple of days (nights?) this week, so weaponized Legos are all I have tonight. Pick up your toys, kids!

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