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Two days in a row! I am not sure if that is a victory, exactly, but it feels like a good start.

Today’s color, Medusa, is similar to yesterday’s … almost too similar. I am knitting 3-row stripes of each color, and at some points it is a little difficult to tell. Shadow stripes work for me, so I am going with it.

Look at me all fancy with the collage.

I knit until I ran out of the Hades color from yesterday, and I was able to complete the fifth stripe with enough yarn to easily weave in the tail but not so much that I feel like I am wasting it — an easy yet satisfying yarn chicken victory.

I may try for a picture with better light tomorrow.

Adding tomorrow’s color will get me to the heel, at which point I will have to decide whether to knit the heel with the third color or wait for color four. The suspense is almost unbearable, right?

The dyer at Dragon Hoard Yarn Company is by far the most enthusiastic fan of Halloween I have ever seen, encountered, or met. She is hard core. The house is festooned with decorations inside and out. It takes several days to get everything done. If you want to check it out, in this video she says that the process is a quarter to a third done. Decoration shots start at the 2-minute mark.

She’s so creative. I follow everything she does. Well, what I can see on her web site and Instagram. I suspect more happens on Facebook, but I do not Facebook. Her yarn colors are complex, and her patterns are fun to make. Okay, enough fangirling. The point is that as a result of following her work, my Halloween exposure is several orders of magnitude higher than usual, and I started thinking Halloween sweater thoughts.

Now, I already had this crazy notion of including sweater knitting in my list of October goals and tasks, but it really should either be finishing a sweater already in progress or knitting a sweater for someone else. The problem with the someone else sweater is that I am having a hard time finding a pattern I like which matches the gauge of the yarn I am going to use, so it has thus far been a frustrating rather than an enjoyable experience. Knitting should not be stressful, especially when knitting for someone else. You want those stitches filled with love rather than aggravation.

What I really don’t want to have happen is that it gets late in October before I actually make a decision and take action. As of this writing, I have not made a final decision, but I came across these adorable ghosts, and they pretty much said, “Knit me!”

Fall Favorites by BadWolfGirlStudios

(Unfortunately, you have to click the link. I can’t enable the link preview without breaking something else. There must be a way.)

The pattern is actually a collection. In addition to the ghosts, there are cats and pumpkins and leaves. They all look like fun. I will see what I can come up with for yarn and find the time to do a gauge swatch and go from there!

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